Goal: To be the youngest pilot and first teenager to fly solo around the world, to benefit youth both within and beyond aviation, to illustrate the accessibility of the aviation industry and the means to learn to fly at a young age and to show that no matter the size of your dream it is achievable.

Quote: “Not only am I trying to inspire youth to take flight, but for their dreams to take flight too, in whatever field that may be.”

Current world record: Is held by Jack Wiegand (American - 21). Jack completed his circumnavigation on June 29, 2013.

Team: A range of ferry pilots, airline pilots, industry professionals and family and friends led by mentor and fellow round the world pilot Ken Evers

Depart: Wollongong, NSW - Sunday June 30, 2013

Scheduled return: Wollongong, NSW - Saturday September 7, 2013

Time away: 10 weeks (70 days)

Distance: 24,000 nautical miles (give or take a few!)

Hours in the air: 180 (give or take a few!)

Stops: 31 (see the Route)

Countries: 15 (see the Route)

Continents: 4

Longest leg: 15 hours

Shortest leg: 15 minutes

Charities and Causes: World Youth International’s ‘Dare 2 Dream’ scholarship fund and Youth in Aviation



Manufacture: Cirrus

Model: SR22

Type: Single engine propeller 

Seating configuration: Four seater converted to one seater

Length: 26 feet

Wingspan: 38.3 feet

Height: 8.9 feet

Normal weight: 1542 kg

Weight for Teen World Flight: 1927.5

Engine type: Continental IO-550

Horsepower: 310

Range: 14.7 hours

Normal fuel capacity: 92 Gallons

Fuel capacity for Teen World Flight: 250 gallons via one 160 gallon tank fitted into the cockpit behind the pilot’s seat


The World Flight Aircraft! - VH OLS - 2009 Cirrus SR22


Navigation: Garmin Perspective Avionics System

Communication from the air: VHF – HF for long over water conversations. Telstra Mobile Satellite phone.

Communication from stops: Internet, phone



Facebook: Teen World Flight

Twitter: @teenworldflight

Hashtags: #DestinationWollongong #TeenWorldFlight

Youtube: TeenWorldFlight

Instagram: TeenWorldFlight

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