In 2010 Australian men Ken Evers and Tim Pryse flew an Australian designed and manufactured Airvan around the world.

Under the banner of ‘Millions against Malaria’ Ken and Tim raised much needed awareness and funds for the research and cure of malaria.

Ken Evers has joined my team as a mentor, team manager and a source of essential information that will ensure my flight is as well prepared and as safe as possible. Ken’s firsthand knowledge and experience of such an undertaking will be invaluable in ensuring the success of this venture.


Australian entrepreneur and renowned aviator Dick Smith is supporting my effort to become the youngest pilot to fly around the world solo.

As an Australian icon, a successful businessman and a five time around the world pilot, Dick Smith brings much experience and encouragement to both the team and myself.

Dick became the first pilot to fly solo around the world in a helicopter in a Bell Jetranger during 1982.

Dick Smith has flown a total time of 9,000 hours including over 1,000 hours single pilot jet time. He has made five flights around the world as pilot in command. Each of these flights has succeeded on time and as scheduled because of meticulous planning and thorough risk management.

It is this attitude of meticulous planning and safety consciousness that we have adopted into our plan of action. It is invaluable to have a role model such as Dick Smith supporting my endeavour as the flight’s safety advisor.


Along with the added support of my instructor Alan Lindsay, Merimbula Air Services owner and my uncle Andy Campbell, my parents, several highly experienced airline pilots, current and former around the world pilots, family and friends, we are undertaking this challenge together with the best basis of knowledge and experience available. As the planning stage has progressed and with the funding of sponsorship, products and services, this group of support and experience has grown continuously.


White Rose, located in the United Kingdom, is an aviation company specializing in overflight and landing permits, diplomatic clearances, worldwide flight planning, hotel accommodation, ground handlers and a number of other services that relate to the flight.

With this partnership the bulk of my flight planning is handled by professionals with over 30 years aviation experience, of which 20 are specialised in worldwide overflight and landing clearances.

White Rose has been involved in a number of light aircraft and microlight world record flights, all of which have been successful.

This background of knowledge, along with the White Rose operations department that I will have at my disposal 24 hours a day during the flight, means an added level of safety and support and we are excited to have such a distinguished company as part of our team.

You can find more information on White Rose Aviation here


A trip such as the Teen World Flight is not, and can not, be possible without the generous support of sponsors and supporters.

When I first set out to plan for this world record the numbers required scared me but with the encouragement of my friends and family we have raised each and every dollar through the kind support and belief of others.

Support has come from many and varied areas and in many different forms and there are too many people and organisations to name here but it goes without saying that each of my sponsors and supporters is an integral part of the flight. Thanks!

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